Chapter History

     The Case Management Society of America was founded in 1990 to support the profession of Case Management by providing education, research and practical assistance.  It serves as the voice of case management to the industry, to legislators, to regulators and to consumers.

     Our monthly meetings continued to be held at the Bahia Shrine until the end of 2012.  Due to the increasing cost of renting the Shrine, in January 2013, the location changed to the Winter Park Towers.  The Westminster of Winter Park has been gracious enough to provide the dining room free of charge for our meetings. 

After surveying our members, we now have quarterly meetings with 3 of them being on Saturday mornings. We provide breakfast and 3 CEU’s.

          The monthly newsletter started in January 2004 to provide information on legislation and upcoming events to the members.  After several years of paper newsletters, it is now sent to members by email.  In 2017 we discontinued the newsletter and utilize our website  to provide information.  Our chapter website is used to send out notices of the meetings, RSVP’s for the meetings, job opportunities and other information useful to case managers.

     The CMSA National Annual Conference and Expo has been in Orlando in 1996, 2005, 2010 and 2015.  When it is held in Orlando, the Central Florida Chapter has assisted with registration, stuffing bags, and hosted welcoming parties

     The Annual Vendor Show is still our chief fundraising activity and now is combined with an all day educational conference.  The Vendor Show/Educational Conference has a combined theme.  For instance, in 2014, the theme was “Stay on Top of Your Game”.   The Vendors decorated their booths according to the theme, the board members wore sports jerseys, and the speakers did presentations on updates in health care:  Compact Licensure Update, Laws and Rules of the Florida State Board of Nursing, Adaptive Sports and Recreation and Athletic Prosthetics and Advancements in Prosthetics Technology. 

     The proceeds raised from the Vendor Show allows our Chapter to send members to the National Conference and contribute to Charity Organizations in Central Florida.  Some of the charities that have been recipients of these funds are Shepherd’s Hope, The Russell Home, Freedom Ride, The Employee Benevolent Fund and Seminole Homeless Children.